Training & Development

State Asphalt Services is committed to promoting training and skills development opportunities in order to deliver the right people with the right skills at the right time to deliver company objectives and outcomes at both the corporate and workplace level.


State Asphalt Services depends on its most important asset, its' staff, to achieve its goal of delivering high level performance and unsurpassed quality within the industry. Through fostering an environment of education and support, State Asphalt Services is able to rely on the high quality outputs of its well-trained and competent workforce to deliver the ongoing efficiencies, innovations and support required to achieve the operational and strategic goals of the company.  


The training and development process supported within State Asphalt Services encourages the following;

  • a culture of continuous learning and performance improvements;
  • application of the principles of growth, feedback and accountability to the way that we work; and
  • demonstration of the companys commitment to developing and retaining the talents of our workforce.


The training and development process is a planning and review cycle that supports, challenges and encourages staff to reach their full career potential through:

  • the provision of professional development opportunities and growth within the Kypreos Group;
  • regular, meaningful performance conversations with their performance supervisor and a process of giving and receiving constructive feedback; and
  • clearly identifiable and documented performance development plans that create an awareness of the staff members contribution towards State Asphalt Services goals and objectives.


From graduates to experienced professionals, the employees of State Asphalt Services are given the opportunities to grow and develop their careers both on and off the job site. The training and development plans are intended to be dynamic and interactive between staff and supervisors in order to encourage trust and regular, open communication. The process operates on a forward planning cycle that allows for annual adjustments for changing priorities and circumstances and is coordinated with State Asphalt Services planning cycle to effectively align individual goals with department and company objectives.


Supported by a group of experienced and talented professionals, we understand the value of training and strive to continually accomplish excellence whilst providing growth opportunities to each individual within the company.



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