State Asphalt Services is dedicated to not just getting the job done but providing a high quality service, delivering a superior product and establishing relationships centered on our company values.


State Asphalt Services believes that our work reflects the values we hold in our strong work ethic; safety, environmental and quality principles and customer service relationships.

Leveraging the production capabilities of State Asphalts NSW, State Asphalt Services is able to utilise quality products and deliver advanced pavement solutions to clients across both the Sydney metro area and interstate.


We believe in being quality focused.

  • We promise to provide you with the highest quality of workmanship.
  • We are thoroughly engaged in industry leadership and continuing education, in order to provide the most up-to-date, quality materials and processes.
  • We believe in doing the job once, and exceeding all expectations.
  • We believe in engaging technology that is helpful and enhances our service.


We believe in being value centered.

  • We have grown as a family owned business and understand the value of customer service relationships.
  • Our staff are dedicated to partnering with you through the project and doing top-quality work every time.
  • We utilise our own top of the line equipment to complete each project.


We believe in being open and transparent.

  • We understand that communication is essential and we make sure that we will communicate with you throughout the project.
  • We believe in ensuring that everyone has a clear understanding of your timeline expectations and requirements.


We believe in professionalism and expertise.

  • Our staff are highly trained, qualified and courteous.
  • We take pride in our work, which means that not only is the work done correctly, it is done to exceed expectations.
  • We ensure all our staff exhibit a strong work ethic, so you can be assured each job is completed in a timely manner and with integrity.


Engage us because when we take on your project, we deliver quality work consistently, reliably and efficiently.






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