State Asphalt Services provides high quality asphalt products that cater to each individual clients needs.


Clients can rely on State Asphalt Services to provide them with the most cost effective solution, high quality, long lasting, safe and comfortable ride. Asphalt is a superior, sustainable paving material for constructing pavements and can be used for various applications including highways, airport runways, parking lots and driveways.


State Asphalt Services is able to provide the following asphalt applications;

  • Supply, deliver and lay for major highways and infrastructure projects
  • Hand and machine placed asphalt
  • Roadbase preparation
  • Remediation works
  • Pothole and trench repairs
  • Patching works
  • Speedhump formations


The use of asphalt pavements allows State Asphalt Services to provide you with versatility; as the thickness of a pavement structure can be customised to meet the needs of any pavement project. Asphalt pavement projects can be planned and carried out to take advantage of off-peak periods, like nights and weekends. Asphalt is ready for traffic right after it is compacted and cooled, meaning that roads don't have to remain closed for curing like their concrete counterparts, this enhances traffic flow and minimises closures and delays that can prolong the project. State Asphalt Services is also able to provide you with quick, cost effective maintenance services to repair any broken asphalt services.


State Asphalt Services uses the finest products, developed in NATA accredited laboratories to ensure the delivery of high quality solutions which meet relevant specifications and exceed client expectations. Furthermore, State Asphalt Services prides itself on being environmentally friendly and subsequently includes recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) as a component of certain designs. 


State Asphalt Services is able to deliver the following products in its asphalt pavement works;

  • Asphaltic concrete mixes (to Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and local council specifications)
  • Bituminous concrete to federal airport specifications
  • Specialty asphalt mixes, including:
    •  Open graded asphalt
    •  Slag mixes
    •  Stonemastic asphalt (SMA)
    •  Thin lift pavements
    •  Polymer binders
    •  Warm Asphalt
    •  Ecoseal


State Asphalt Services is able to deliver such high quality works as a result of the use of superior products, experienced and well-qualified staff and the utilisation of the very best in equipment technology. We have standardised our equipment in order to ensure the best technology is used on all of our projects and have recently purchased two new Flowcons in order to ensure the delivery and transfer of asphalt products at its most desirable temperature and consistency whilst also increasing safety on our sites.


State Asphalt Services delivers our high quality paving through the use of Roadtec pavers which are manufactured to be solid, durable and dependable. The quality of the asphalt mat across our projects confirms our belief that we utilise some of the best equipment available.








Upgrade and Maintenance Contract under Western Sydney Regional of Councils (WSROC)


Description of Work:

To ensure roads are suitable to support the growth within Western Sydney; State Asphalt Services is actively involved in upgrading and maintaining road infrastructure. This project involves the supply and application of 80,000 tonnes of asphalt over the period of the contract.


The project included:

• Profiling and milling of current road surfaces;

• Supply of asphalt

• Application of asphalt products;

• Risk management processes;

• Communication with residents, businesses and community stakeholders;

• Traffic management;



Western Sydney Region


Client Organisation:

Western Sydney Regional of Councils (WSROC)


Construction Period:

July 2014 - present


Client Details:

WSROC. Nic Pasternatsky (Project Manager)


M1 Pacific Highway and Central Coast Highway Upgrade


Description of Work:

Works under this Contract comprised the supply and laying application of 12,000 tonnes of asphalt. This work included both day and night work, in order to minimise the impact on motorists commuting to and from the Central Coast into Sydney.


The project included:

• Milling of preexisting roadway; 

• Supply of approved asphalt mix;

• Application and lay of asphalt products;

• Traffic management;

• Risk assessment and safety management processes

• Consultation and communication with stakeholders



M1 Pacific Highway and Central Coast Highway


Client Organisation:

Roads and Maritime Services NSW 


Consultant / Supervising Authorities:

Roads and Maritime Services NSW


Contract Value:

$2.5 million


Construction Period:

February 2015 - May 2015


Client Details:

Greg Cox (Client Representative)